3 Weeks

Enjoy some relaxing music while you read?

Sorry for waiting so long to update. Been busy. Don’t plan on waiting so long in between updates in the future. Anyway, the pups are growing fast! Here they are at 3 weeks…

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Eyes have finally opened. They are looking more like dogs and less like gerbils. My breeder tells me that their personalities haven’t quite started to take shape yet. However, one of the pups is a bit shy. She says she’s working on that one. Shiba owners, can puppy shyness be foreshadowing of things to come? Extreme shyness? Aggression? Nervousness? I suppose at this point those behaviors can be influenced quite a bit.

Going to Boston this upcoming weekend. Looking forward to that. Then the following weekend we will be going to visit the pups and our breeder. Very excited! We will be sure to have lots of pics and info from the visit.

More updates to come very soon. Including another installment to the Shiba Pursuit Comic Strip.

Take care, and enjoy the beginning of fall.


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