Chicago Area Shiba Inu Meetup

I few weeks ago we attended the Chicago Area Shiba meetup. It was a blast. The meetup was at best friends Pet Care in Lincolnshire. There was a large gated area for the dogs to run around and play, pools for the water shibas, and of course treats. Great dogs and great people. Kuma had a blast. In fact, he met another red shiba who was also named Kuma. Kuma was the resident water dog at the meetup, jumping in and out of the pools and enjoying showers with the hose.

He was much more outgoing at the shiba meetup than he was at the Evanston dog beach. Maybe because most of the dogs at the beach were large breeds?

In any event, we strongly encourage any Shiba owners in the Chicagoland area to attend some of the meetups. They’re loads of fun, and the owners and the dogs were great.

CASIM (Chicago Area Shiba Inu Meetup)

Kuma meets Kuma

Kuma and Jake
Kuma enjoying a shower



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