Post Neuter Kuma

The deed is done. Kuma,….has been neutered. His surgery went very well. When I went to go pick him up he seemed to be unphased by the surgery, he was still his normal happy self. However, the infamous “cone” had quite a different effect on him. He hates it! lol. He lets us put the cone on just fine, but whenever he is wearing the cone he gets this depressed look on his face.

The first cone we got him was not big enough and he was still able to reach his stitches and lick them (which he was determined to do every chance he got).

So, to get him through the night, I used cardboard to make the cone slightly longer. Thankfully, this prevented him from getting to his stitches for the time being, but only added to his humiliation. Sorry buddy.


The next day I went out and bought a cone that was 2 sizes bigger. This did the trick, and Kuma can no longer reach his stitches, but feels just as insulted to have to wear the cone. If he could, I think he would punch me in the face for all of

Aside from the slight humiliation of wearing the cone, Kuma is mostly doing okay. I say mostly because he has been VERY lazy indoors ever since his surgery (which was 5 days ago). He’s his normal active self when outdoors, but indoors all he does is lay around. I’m thinking/hoping its just because of the awkwardness of the cone. But we’re monitoring closely just in case, we’ll probably call the vet just to be sure his behavior is normal.


EZY Dog Collar:

Kuma LOVES his collar. Its the only one I have seen him put his head through willingly on his own. He just seems so much more comfortable in it.



Here’s a vid of Kuma wearing the collar while doing his new favorite thing. Taking in the smells during a car ride. We hope your approach to life is the same as Kuma’s approach to car rides. Enjoy the ride 🙂


2 thoughts on “Post Neuter Kuma

  1. M.C. says:

    Oh boy… he looks mortified in the cardboard photo!
    Take it easy, guys. Soon he’ll figure out how much fun it is to jab his humans with his cone. And then it can come off soon enough!

  2. shibapursuit says:

    Unfortunately, he has already figured out how to jab us with the cone. It has become his very effective way of getting attention lol.

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