Friday is the big day. Kuma will be getting neutered. Only 4 days intact for our little pup. The vet makes the whole process seem so simple, but its STILL surgery. What have been your experiences in neutering? Has anyone experienced complications? Anything to watch out for as a pup recovers from the surgery/anesthesia?

Kuma had his first grooming appointment yesterday. He protested a little in the beginning. But after the first few nails were clipped, Kuma decided to except his fate and stop whinning. After the appointment the dog stylist said that “he did very well” and we “should be proud”. Kudos to Kuma!


Product Review:

We’ve had Kuma since October. Between then and March Kuma has chewed through and/or destroyed 5 Kong harnesses. $100 dollars later we finally decided to wise up and buy a better harness. We went out  in search of something that would  fit better, be more comfortable for Kuma, and be relatively chew proof. We ended up purchasing a harness by Ezy Dog. The Quick Fit Shock Absorbing Harness was what we ultimately decided on. There is a padded chest brace in the front that eliminates any pain from pulling or friction. It slips on very easily and adjusts well to fit Kuma’s size perfectly. Kuma did not like to wear the Kong leashes very much, at times he would avoid us when we would try to put it on him. He doesn’t mind the Ezy Dog leash, and he seems to move much more comfortably with it on. We highly recommend this harness to any dog owners in need of a sturdy, easy to use, comfortable harness. Below are a couple photos from the Ezy Dog website.


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