Today Was Kuma’s first Completely Raw Meal. He had some chicken thigh. We were a bit nervous about letting him eat the bone, but we monitored him closely and he annihilated it. We plan to start doing a Raw meal once or twice a week. Here are some videos from Kuma’s meal. Sorry for the weird skinny screen view.

Before: Here he is starting with the entire thigh


After: And here he is toward the end of the meal breaking up and eating the bone. Hear those bones breaking? He ate every part of the thigh. Yeesh!

Promptly after the meal (about 3 minutes after), Kuma dropped some extremely solid poo, the only problem with this, is that he dropped it on my carpet lol. We’re gonna keep an eye on his bowel movements over the next day or so to see how his digestive system handles it. Otherwise, the first raw meal was a success!







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