Shiba Pursuit #4

This happened the first night we brought Kuma home. True Story.

And this was Kuma just before he knocked all that stuff over. A fireplace gate, a box, a vase, another vase filled with change, and another box. We still don’t know how he did it. Any ideas???


6 thoughts on “Shiba Pursuit #4

  1. Lise says:

    The Shiba will knows no bounds.

  2. Losech says:

    He is Shiba, do not doubt his abilities.

  3. yoshimom says:

    I think Kuma just used the weight of the fireplace guard and when he kept “bouncing” against it, eventually the guard did all the knocking over of stuff for him. Mighty Shiba! LOL

  4. shibapursuit says:

    @ Yoshimom. Possibly, he was just so small (only 8 weeks old). We didn’t think he was strong enough to move it. But maybe so

  5. i had a puppy gate that came with me when i was adopted (i was a rescue through SIRA). my humans left me there when they went grocery shopping. they came home and i was sitting on a recliner, just staring at the door.

    still one of my humans’ favorite memories of a recently-adopted me.

  6. shibapursuit says:

    @ Taro. I guess these shibas really are ninjas 🙂

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