During a Time of Loss

Death. Never a fun topic, but it is an inevitable part of life. I think the natural inclination for people (or at least myself) is to meditate/dwell/make sense of/wallow in the loss, which i guess is the very human attempt to get over a loss through rationalization. -“Maybe if I can make sense of this/figure it out, I can make my peace and move on”. The thing is, it has been impossible to do that while having Kuma around. Being responsible for the well being of another animal has forced me to spend the majority of my time outside of my own head.

I’m sure that Kuma can sense that I haven’t been the same lately, maybe he can even sense that I’ve been a little down. But he refuses to engage in my pensiveness. Kind of like the friend that forces you to laugh when you don’t want to. Kuma is a constant reminder that life will go on. He still needs to be fed, he still loves to explore, he still needs attention, he still loves to run around outside, he still suckers my Dad into giving him smoked salmon, and he still needs his walks. The walks. Walking with Kuma has been cathartic. Walking with Kuma is teaching me how to be at peace. Not through escapism, but through being in the reality of the moment and finding the good in it. Whether its freezing out, or snowing, or rainy, or the sun is rising, or there’s a million cars driving by, Kuma has shown me that every moment has its beauty. Kuma is able to accept what is, and find the good in it. And he always does find it. Wether its an interesting smell in the grass, the water running down the street curb, or a leaf that is perfect for chasing.

I’ve always admired the way animals are able to accept their place in the world. Humans are always occupied with getting more/being more. Which I guess is good. But animals are able to accept what it is God put them here for (not that i’m sure just what that is). But they must know, because whatever it is, they don’t need anything more, or anything less. That’s peace! Maybe its not that the life of a dog is so much easier than ours, maybe its just that they don’t make it complicated.

Kuma has been a blessing to me during this time, he helps keep things in perspective. Despite my feeling down in the dumps lately (which I can hide from most people, but all bets are off when its just me and him), Kuma refuses to become a part of my sentiment. He just refuses to be beat! He still has his needs, and he’s still going to enjoy making the best of the moment. It must be the puppy in him lol.

Kuma has demanded that I be more than I normally would during a time like this. The training, exercise, playing, etc., he still needs it. Whether i’m feeling happy or sad. Doing so has forced me to step outside of myself enough to start learning how to be at peace during tough times.

Thanks buddy.


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