So Young, So Impressionable

Kumais now 4 months! He is going through some changes.


Lately, Kuma has become Mr. Skittish. However, he is only skittish in our house (strange right?). Not outside, not in stores, not at other people’s houses, just our house. We haven’t figured that one out yet.

Kuma is not eating as much. However, our breeder informed us that once he hit 4 months he would likely eat sparsely, but it will pass.

We think Kuma is teething. He has been very mouthy lately during play. We are doing the yelp thing and walking away. Maybe he doesn’t get the connection? Hmmmm. Any suggestions?

On the upside:

Kuma is excellent on leash!

He is excellent with other dogs and enjoys meeting new people/kids when we are not in our house.

He is housebroken

He does not chew our property


All in all, things are going well!


Here is a vid of Kuma’s first experience with snow.





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