Post-Turkey Update

We have been spending a lot of time socializing Kuma and he has been doing great! We have been taking him downtown a lot to get him more comfortable with people and loud noises. Today, Kuma had his first puppy class. We got lucky and signed up for a class time that no one else was in. So it was just us, Kuma, and the trainer  in class(and a bunch of other dogs walking around the store). The trainer was impressed with Kuma’s calm eager-to-please temperment and the obedience training we had already taught him (sit, down, leave it).

Kuma is all done with his distemper vaccinations!!! Its nice to not worry so much about taking him outside and around other dogs.

Next weekend we will be attending the Chicago Area Shiba Inu Meetup (CASIM) “Santa Paws Secret Santa” event. There will be food and secret shiba santa gift exchanges. We are pretty excited, Kuma has not had a chance to interact with other Shibas, and we have not had a chance to get some pointers from veteran Shiba owners. If you are in the Chicago area, check them out here

Hope everyone is enjoying the post turkey portion of the Holidays. Stay warm, and enjoy your loved ones during this special time of year 🙂


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