School Daze

This is Kuma and Koa. Koa is a 1 year old AmStaff. Kuma and Koa have played together a few times, and they seem to like each other. Koa seems to be allowing Kuma some extra slack as far as manners go. Kuma seems to be testing the boundaries of rough housing, later during the playing Koa showed Kuma who was boss. I’ve seen videos of adult Shibas playing and they seem to play pretty rough, we are letting Kuma play with older well behaved dogs (that will tolerate him lol) in hopes that he will learn that different dogs may have different limitations as far as play goes.


3 thoughts on “School Daze

  1. Yoshimom says:

    Tried to view your video, but it says it is a private video. 😦

  2. shibapursuit says:

    Sorry about that Yoshimom. Problem is fixed now. Enjoy 🙂

  3. Yoshimom says:


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