Shiba Shedding Armageddon!………?

Is this the shiba shedding Armageddon everyone has warned us about???? We gave Kuma a bath today and I brushed him afterward. I noticed the more I brushed the more hair started floating into the air. Before I knew it, hair was falling off Kuma like snowflakes off of a shakey tree branch. We thought we still had some time before the crazy Shiba shedding began. Is this the beginning of the end????


Don’t try to look all innocent Kuma. You shedding machine! Hair is everywhere……………..ALREADY??? lol



One thought on “Shiba Shedding Armageddon!………?

  1. Losech says:

    Welcome to the world of Shiba shedding! Kuma is super cute in that picture.

    The other day I brushed a giant ball of fur off Conker and took it out to Mom and showed it to her saying: “Look Mom! Conker had a baby!” She was not amused…

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