Kuma is Growing

Kuma has been a blessing! He is so F-U-N-N-Y! He is also growing fast. Physically and mentally.

It seems that Kuma grows almost every time we look away. These things grow fast!….I guess he can’t be a puppy forever.

Mouthiness: Kuma is doing better and learning that he can’t be so mouthy when he plays. We tried doing the “yelp” when Kuma would get too rough. But like a kid that is hypnotized by a video game, he wasn’t phased. We started saying a very firm “NO!” then walking away and ignoring him. We think that may be the trick. Kuma has been MUCH less mouthy lately.

Kuma has not had any accidents since our last post. We think he was peeing more last week because we had switched his food to Orijen. We think it may have possibly made him a little more dehydrated. Plus, he’s a growing boy! We started taking him out more and that was all he needed. Funny story: When we took Kuma out today he let out some very VERY loud flatulence lol. No shame in his game we suppose. We didn’t know dogs could fart that loud, let alone puppies. lol We had a good laugh.

Kuma brings us so much joy!

Tomorrow is Kuma’s first vet visit with us. Another update and more pictures to come soon.


2 thoughts on “Kuma is Growing

  1. iamkaiju says:

    you are killing my hoomans with those cute pictures.

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