The First 10 Days

The first week and a half with Kuma has been GREAT! He is accident free, is getting more used to his crate. He has learned sit and fetch….well, he fetches about 70% of the time :-). We have completely switched him from Eukanuba food to Orijen Puppy Formula. I did some research and liked what I read about Orijen.
Kuma is also very tolerant of being handled. He doesn’t mind us touching in his ears, in his mouth, his paws, or his face. He also loves to roll on his back and have his belly rubbed, which from what I understand is rare for a male shiba.
Kuma is mouthy! In addition to his toys, he likes to chew on our fingers and toes. A lot! :-). We are trying to get him to learn to keep his mouth off of us, or at least be more gentle. So far, we have just been pushing his face away and redirecting his chewing to a toy. It works sometimes, and other times we just have to walk away and ignore him for a bit. Shiba owners, any advice on getting a puppy to be less mouthy? I know all puppies bite some….but Kuma seems to want to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.
But we still love him. We are blessed to have such a great pup.




One thought on “The First 10 Days

  1. Cheryl says:

    Kuma is a cutie pie! Love the new pictures as well. Orijen is very good and if Kuma ever gets tired of Orijen, try Fromm. They’re very good as well. Thank you for your updates, I love watching and reading about Kuma.

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