Meet Kuma

He’s Home


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We picked up Kuma yesterday Saturday afternoon. He is doing great and adjusting well to his new environment. Last night was his first night home. He eliminated outside wen we got back from the drive. No accidents! 😀 When I out him in his crate to sleep last night he only cried for a few minutes, then fell fast asleep. He didn’t make a peep the rest of the entire night. What a G 🙂 When I woke up yesterday morning I took him outside. He pooped and peed. YES!!

When I went back inside he followed me around as I got ready for the day. He is becoming more curious of his new surroundings, thought still a little nervous about some things (loud noises). He sat on my feet every time I stopped walking around my apartment. He sat between my feet while I was cooking breakfast this morning. Salmon and poached egg muffins were on the menu this morning. I think he enjoyed the aroma quite a bit :-). He eventually fell asleep on my feet so I lead him back to his crate so he could sleep more peacefully. He went straight to sleep and didn’t make a peep.

One thing Kuma does not do a lot of yet is eating. I thought once I put his food down he would scarf through it. Instead,  throughout the day he periodically goes to his food bowl and eats a few pieces of his food and then goes back to playing with his toys. I guess I’m not too worried because this evening he pooped outside agian (YES!) and it looked healthy (smelled like death though lol). Is it normal for puppies not to eat much when they first get to their new home? Or is this just how some puppies eat?

All in all, Kuma is making a fairly smooth transition so far. No accidents, very little crying, healthy curiosity about his new surroundings, and barely any barking. We feel so spoiled by Kuma’s good behavior. And here we thought we were going to spoil him. Hopefully his good behavior continues for a while. Or will these first few weeks be a period of puppy bliss before his behavior turns bold and rebellious? Let’s hope he doesn’t change too much. Right now Kuma is asleep in his crate for the rest of the night. He barely cried at all tonight. What a champ! Keep it up Kuma!


One thought on “Meet Kuma

  1. ting says:

    Woo! Sounds like it’s been going well for you. Good job!

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