We’ve Made Our Choice

Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds- Mother/Son Bedroom Talk


We chose our puppy from the litter today. We went with the most submissive and outgoing pup (puppy #1 from a previous post :-). Still not sure on a name yet. I think we are leaning toward Kuma, we’ll finalize it once we get a handle on his personality. Here are the pups at 7 weeks. Our guy is the one on the far right. The chubby one 🙂


And here are older pics of him

We go to pick him up next Saturday Oct 22nd. This weekend will be spent shopping for puppy stuff and puppy proofing our houses. And oh yeah…we need to nail down a good vet too. Sure to be pictures from this weekend’s experience soon.

We’ve been reading a little on this pet insurance Trupanion. I always though insurance for pets was silly, but now after hearing vet bill horror stories we have started to consider it. Anyone out there have pet insurance? Is it something you feel is worthwhile?

This will be our last puppy-less week…….I guess we better make sure we enjoy it.


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