Two Weeks

The pups are now two weeks old. They look like little bears. All three of the pups look pretty dark. Our breeder says that they will all be red. I know that Shiba pups generally get lighter as they mature into adults,…but these guys seem so dark. It makes me wonder if some might actually turn out to be sesame colored. Shiba owners…what do you think? Is it normal for reds to be this dark as puppies? It really doesn’t make a difference to us what color they are. Anyway, here are the pups at two weeks…

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I decided to go with the crate a friend of mine offered to give me. I will buy the divider, that should save me about $100 or so.
Training for a 5k. Will run it in November, as of now we are able to run 2 miles pretty easily. We are working our way up. I’m sure my routine of getting up early and running will come in handy in exercising our Shiba. Speaking of exercise….
Shiba owners, how much exercise does your Shiba need each day? We’ve read/heard that Shibas are very adaptable, but we haven’t heard a solid response from anyone about how much exercise Shibas typically need on a daily basis. We are prepared to go for daily runs if we need to!! haha
1 week closer to bringing our Shiba home. Each time we get new photos of the pups the fact that we are actually going to get a shiba becomes more and more real. It hasn’t completely set in yet, but its getting there.
First installment of the Shibapursuit comic strip coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. Cherry Liu says:

    About the exercise…..I too thought having a shiba would be a nice companion on a jog — wrong! At least at the start. Puppies don’t seem to have much stamina. Plus if they weren’t leash trained they’d just dash in every direction until they trip you lol.

    My shiba tends to get tired (like, refuse to walk tired) after a mere 20 minutes of running.

    I think these pups will turn out to be red. My Kidou was about this dark when he was first born.

  2. ting says:

    The general consensus from the Shiba owners that we’ve spoken to is that they are bountiful in energy while young and calm down once they reach two years of age.

    I’ve seen Shiba puppies that can run for hours in the dog run every day and then there’s Shio, who is just fine lazing around for most of the day. 🙂

    You might want to ask your vet about running with your puppy when you go for his first checkup. I know that some recommend against it before a certain age because their bones are still growing/setting – I don’t know if it has to do with breed/size or not.

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