The Pursuit

The year is 2010. I am a recent college graduate, I got my first job as a music teacher and began my career as a working musician in the Chicagoland area. Got my first apartment in a neighboring suburb, and met my beautiful girlfriend. Yep, life is going pretty good for the kid. It is now mid 2011 and God has blessed me quite abundantly. I can honestly say that I am happy. Life has moved faster than fast this past year. And as if my life hasn’t changed enough, I have recently decided to make another life altering decision.
After a year’s worth of research, planning, careful consideration, and searching…..I have decided to get my first dog….(well not my first, I had a Jack Russell Terrier as a kid, but as far as responsibility went, it was more my parent’s dog than mine). But this guy will be mine! Quite a responsibility if I do say so myself. I wouldn’t take on a responsibility like this if it wasn’t something I REALLY wanted to do. I have done a large amount of research on what dog ownership really means. It’s quite a commitment! A 10-15 year commitment! Which in my case means, I could have this guy by my side until I’m 40! But I’m up for it! The good and the bad. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m willing to put in the time and work it takes to have a loving canine companion. And I am a firm believer that dedication and hard work always yields positive results.
So what kind of dog? Hmmmmmm,….a Beagle? Nah, too loud for an apartment. A Border Terrier? Nah, the terrier personality is not my style. An Australian Cattle Dog? Nah, too high strung. A lab? Nah, too big. A bulldog? Nah, too many health problems ( I mean, you might as well adopt a retired offensive lineman). A french bulldog? Nah, to foofy. Not much for the “girly” breeds (sorry ladies). I want an athletic dog. One that’s not too loud, will be content in an apartment, and is not too big. A loyal dog, that still has a mind of it’s own. After much thought and research I found the breed that is perfect for me. The Shiba Inu. Yessir! I was turned on to the breed by my girlfriend. Her family had one for 16 years. He recently passed (R.I.P Duke. He is currently pictured in the banner above). I only know him shortly. Once I decided on getting a Shiba Inu, my girlfriend and I set out in search of a breeder.
We are happy to say that we found an excellent breeder located a couple hours north of us in Wisconsin. We put down a deposit with her back in June. She recently had a litter of pups born Tuesday Aug 23rd. A litter of 3 boys. One of which will be ours. We plan on going to visit the pups in a few weeks to choose our little guy and meet with our breeder.   Regrdless of the pup we choose, the date he comes home is the same. October 18th 2011. That fast approaching date has brought about a lot of excitement, anticipation, and wonder. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we are a little nervous. But a good nervous I think. I mean, shouldn’t we be a little nervous?? Anyone who is’t slightly nervous when taking on this kind of responsibility probably doesn’t realize what they are getting into. It will be an experience no doubt, which is why we have decided to start this blog. Why not capture the experience right. So here we are.
The pups are just over a week old…..

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 At this point, they all look like gerbils. But still cute right. Its hard to imagine that one of these pups will become a part a big part of the lives we both have worked so hard to create.
Out of anticipation, we have been buying items for the puppy here and there (food/water bowls, puppy pads, linoleum, etc.). We’re trying not to go overboard as we’re sure our breeder will have a laundry list of things we should buy.
And so it begins. The end of our “old lives” and the beginning our completely new “normal”. Life is about to change in a very big way for the us and this pup. I hope he’s ready!……….I hope we’re ready… Let’s do it!

2 thoughts on “The Pursuit

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  2. ting says:

    Eeeee! I’m so excited for you guys! Congrats and good luck! No, seriously, good luck. 😉

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